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HBX 901/901A Firebolt Parts

HBX Firebolt 901/901A 1/12 2.4G 4WD RC Car.

Its appearance is similar to the classic car model HBX12891, but the entire underbody structure has also been changed and upgraded.

It is 1/12 the latest car,

There are two versions: a brushed version and a brushless version,

Its high-end brushless version uses super powerful 3800kv brushless 2847 motor, 1600mAh high capacity battery and 4 wheel driving, electric energy converted into power maximizely, strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves.

classic ball bearing, solid gear drift, and hobby-grade design. It adopts four-wheel independent suspension system, each wheel has a high-rebound coil spring, which has a significant shock absorption effect and a smoother ride. Durable and amazingly fast, with speeds up to 45km/h, truly experience high speed. Excellent off-road performance, amazing off-road capability, and four-wheel drive make it easy for the remote control car to complete difficult actions. Ideal for ground, rocky roads, grasslands, muddy, rough stone mountain roads, etc.,

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HBX 901/901A Firebolt Parts

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